Empowerment and inclusion: This is a large area where we expect digital technologies to play a key role. This area includes the removal of inequalities at one end and extends to financial inclusion and equal access to opportunities at the other end.

Employment and entrepreneurship: It is now well understood that the conventional model of creating livelihood through organised sector jobs is broken. The future of employment seems closely intertwined with entrepreneurship. This makes success of the startup economy a critical success factor for achievement of economic goals.

Environment, sustainability and healthcare: Given that bulk of national capacity in areas ranging from power generation to data centres - will come from new units - it is critical that all future investments be made keeping in mind considerations such as environment and sustainability. As fossil fuels get phased out, the country has to make large investments in areas ranging from electric vehicles to renewable power to green chemistry. Most of these are technology, funding and execution related decisions.On the healthcare front, the Council will set up an emergency response team to address any disease or epidemic with a potential to cause significant number of deaths.

Engineering and technology: As digital technologies complement a range of emerging technologies from genome engineering to artificial intelligence to robotics - the role of engineering and technology in wealth creation has never been more important in the history of mankind. The IIT Alumni can play a key role in this area, especially in substituting imports and enhancing exports through the creation of sustainable industries.

Mission Organisations

PanIIT Fund: Social Venture Fund

PanIIT Foundation: CSR Projects

PanIIT Institute: Research Commercialisation 

PanIIT Forum: Strategy Think Tank