President's Message

"The achievements of IITians across the globe have become a growing testament to the quality of education and calibre of students at the IITs. The Govt of India has immensely contributed to the life of each and every IITian by providing high quality education and facilities at highly subsidised fees. The IIT Alumni Council is born out of this desire of paying back the debt of subsidised education through active participation in nation building activities.

Born on Independence Day 2019, IIT Alumni Council is now the largest global body of alumni across all the twenty-three IITs and partnering Technical Institutes of Excellence. The IIT Alumni Council aspires to align Alumni to catalyse India’s technological renaissance. Through its various Mission Organisations, IIT Alumni Council intends to act as a network and as a bridge between various providers of knowledge, wealth, information, wisdom, ideas, expertise and entrepreneurship to promote technological solutions to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Traditionally, IIT Alumni bodies have been specific to individual IITs. Their activities are largely targeted to maintaining ties of the alumni to their alma maters or to each other. These include, with some exceptions, social get togethers, cultural events, fund raising for new programmes and infrastructure in the IITs. Their activities are focused inwards to strengthening the IIT system. IIT Alumni Council, on the other hand, focuses on what IIT alumni can do for others. Its target is to mobilize IIT alumni to for nation building by mobilizing IIT resources for addressing major challenges facing India where the massive intellectual, financial ,technology and management resources of the IIT community in India and overseas can be mobilized to solve tough problems, effectively and at scale.

IIT Alumni Council is registered with the Registrar of Companies, India as a Section 8 non-profit company. The main objects of the company are given in the next section. Complete details of the company including the memorandum and articles, government license etc can be accessed by stakeholders from our data room.

IIT Alumni Council and the IITs as educational institutions are autonomous and independent of each other. The same has been specifically clarified for IIT Alumni Council vide a joint public statement issued on 6th July 2020 by the twenty three IIT Directors.

As a truly open, borderless, flat and inclusive organisation, any IIT Alumnus is welcome to join the IIT Alumni Council in areas of their own interest to contribute in Nation Building as volunteers."