The main objects of the IIT Alumni Council are specified in the MCA license:
1) to act as a global alumni body for graduates of all the IITs;
2) promote participation of alumni in nation building;
3) promote the IIT Brand in global market & enhance the reputation of IIT Alumni in the global market and
4) to represent Alumni in trade & industry associations.


The nation building activities of the IIT Alumni Council are closely aligned with the Indian Governments stated objective of meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The IIT Alumni Council is initially focused on four key result areas: Emerging technologies; Empowerment and inclusion; Employment and entrepreneurship; Enhancing Quality of life.


The IIT Alumni Council is an autonomous non-profit. The Supreme Council comprises of members of various batch and city councils. The IIT Alumni Council currently has 25,000+ reqistered volunteer members and 200+ council members. The Council is independent of the IITs and is not affiliated to any IIT Specific Alumni Associations.


The IIT Alumni Council facilitates linkages between the alumni, government, industry and research entities to catalyse nation building activities. The use on this website, of the logos of various Indian Institutes of Technology, is solely for the purpose of identifying that the members of the IIT Alumni Council, are also the alumni of such Indian Institutes of Technology. The use of these logos is performed on a strictly non-commercial basis, and the logos are not used for any communication or undertakings or activities of the IIT Alumni Council - which is independent of the IITs.

Together for Nation !